Kingdom Creed

Those who join themselves to our Kingdom without borders or barriers cannot subscribe to any belief system or ideology that would marginalize or diminish others.  Be it based on class, race, ethnicity,    religion, sexual preference or gender.  They furthermore agree to oppose and lawfully resist and decry those who engage in such activities.


                                               In addition to this, citizen candidates agree to:


      1. Honor and Cherish the Princesses always

     2. Teach by word and deed the virtues of honesty, loyalty, self-sacrifice, humility,

                    service and duty.

     3. Nurture and protect the helpless, the innocent, and downtrodden from those

                   who would exploit, abuse, corrupt or destroy them.

     4. Strive always to satisfy the emotional, financial, spiritual, and personal needs of

                   spouse and family, as well as meet the corresponding needs in others

                   within legal and moral constraints.

     5. Take to heart the Wizard's credo, letting it serve as a source of encouragement

                   and a beacon to all ~


"Have faith, resist fear, persevere and always move forward"

I agree to abide by the Kingdom Creed and petition the WIZARD

and the Royal Family to receive me as a citizen.

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